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Implement a program adding immediate value at minimal business disturbance

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Attract new business opportunities via effective stakeholder management 

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Ensure synergies with key, strategic initiatives as part of the program

The true potential of employees' reach

An effective Employee Advocacy Program is so much more than simply training employees in using social media tools. It's about leveraging the employees' curiosity, skills and networks using social platforms to attract business opportunities across the collective networks of all employees. Best of all...it does not have to take a lot of time from the business until implemented.

Which employer would not want employees to promote it's organization, products and services? The aim of Employee Advocacy Programs is to equip employees to represent the organization whilst promoting the company in a trustworthy way. The key is to leverage the potential of the employees social networks to attract talent, build relationships and get access to more business opportunities across the networks. Moreover, such programs contribute to improved retention and company culture. So, what are some of the key questions to answer before kicking off your own program?

At Digoshen, we have supported businesses running Employee Advocacy Programs since 2011. During this time, we have seen what works well and what does not work well. If you are considering running an Employee Advocacy Program in your organization, you are welcome to join our coffee break webinar below to take part of some of our most important findings before you get started. The webinar will be hosted by Digoshen CEO Katy Caroan who will give you the answers to the 3 most frequently asked questions we get from others in your situation. Welcome!

15 Minute Coffee Break Webinar to learn more

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