The art of staying relevant as an Executive in the digital age

How future-proof are you as a leader in the digital age? Are you ready to fully embrace and assume the role as The Social Executive?

Learn more about why it is important to engage on social media as an Executive and how you can catch up quickly with digital leaders!


Topics to master as The Social Executive

Social Selling & LinkedIn

What is social selling?

Your personal LinkedIn strategy

Optimize your profile

Mobilize your network

Ensure effective meetings

Develop your professional reputation

Build and nurture business relationships

Bring your strategy to the next level

Monitoring & Twitter

Your personal monitoring strategy

Understand the nature of Twitter

Communicate effectively in 280 characters

Leverage the power of hashtags

Listen to your stakeholders

Share content and inspire others

Let Twitter bring you the information you need

Position yourself strategically via Twitter 

We have effective solutions for the busy Executive!

The Social Executive Offer

This offer is a self-paced program where you learn how to monitor trends and develop your social selling skills as described by the modules above.

This is for you if you want to go through the content at your own pace and at times convenient to you. 

The program includes instructional videos, supporting checklists, and activities to bring your social media strategy to the next level. We have even included personal video feedback on both your LinkedIn profile as well as your Twitter bio!

The content will be updated on an ongoing basis as the social media platforms may introduce new functionality.


The Social Executive VIP Offer

This offer includes the full self-paced program with the modules described above, as well as additional in-person coaching and support by Digoshen Digital Strategist and Executive Coach, Katy Caroan. 

This is for you if you want additional individual support to master the social media platforms and get results quickly. 

The program includes 3 in-person coaching sessions, which will be recorded via Skype or Zoom. You will get access to available coaching slots through a digital calendar.

The coaching session recordings will remain available for 24 months for additional viewing and further reflection. 


Our program compiles the experience and essence from supporting hundreds of leaders across various industries and geographies

"Leaders want to build social media skills in a safe environment. There is no fixed set of instructions nor any recipe meeting their individual requirements. Our program lets them learn how to explore and excel as The Social Executive based upon their own preferences. We help individuals and organizations embrace social media for results. Some of our customers are listed below."

Katy Caroan
Digital Strategist & Executive Coach

Access to the training programs

Do you want to run the program in self-paced mode, or do you prefer individual coaching and support to boost your learning and get a head start? Check out the alternative solutions below.

The Social Executive Offer

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The Social Executive VIP Offer

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